What are Most Essential Plugins for a New WordPress Website?

WordPress platform is one of the growing platforms in the entire world. At this stage, it is more than a reality that you need to build your website now and then. Every business, despite its size, needs to have its personalized space on the world wide web. You cannot grow your business or your services if you are not on a digital platform to get connected to a larger audience. having a website facilitates our clients from all over the world at any time and from any place. But having a website is not that simple. You require an ideal layout, design, interface, and many more things. WordPress makes the whole creating and hosting process simple with its user-friendly design. One of many reasons WordPress being the ultra-famous platform is also the cheapest WordPress hosting facility. It provides you hosting options that you can choose according to your website content and traffic. One of the nominated qualities of WordPress is that it facilitates several plugins that can help you optimize your website and its features. There are more than 5200 plugins available for you, but the good thing is you can only download the ones you need. Today we are talking about some of the essential plugins of WordPress for the new websites that you need to know.

Yoast SEO

I believe that if you are even a little bit connected on the digital platform, you will know about this plugin. Yoast SEO is one of the versatile and known plugins in the WordPress platform. Whether you are running a professional website or a personal blog, we all want our content to stand out in the search engine. With the Yoast SEO plugin, we can make our website or blog search engine friendly, and it also helps you manage your SEO. Another notable quality of this plugin is that you can use it free of cost.


It is a normal thing to have a slow-loading website when your website contains more images. Images take up your loading speed, and you do not want to run a slow-loading website. Optimole helps us in this matter as it can speed up your website. Optimole takes up every graphic you are using on the website and makes it take minimum space. It optimizes your images and compresses them. This way, your website will take less time to load.

WP Forms

WP forms are for new websites and blogs. Every website needs a contact form through which the visitors can reach out to you. This plugin is easy and user-friendly to make a simple contact form. You can drag and drop the boxes you need and create yourself a simple and appropriate form for your visitors. This plugin is free of cost, and you need a maximum of five to ten minutes to make your contact form.

Seed Prod

Seed prod is another drag and drop plugin that you can use to optimize your website. As a beginner, you cannot deal with the frontend and backend coding. With the help of this WordPress plugin, you can build yourself a custom page. You can make the interface with various designs. Besides, you do not need any code to create them.

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