Sabiha Gokcen Sleep

You can take advantage of Sabiha Gokcen sleep, rest and shower need by using the services of the sleeping cabins during the waiting intervals of your trips abroad. It is possible to benefit from the service immediately after passport control. The sleeping cabins concept is designed to give you exactly what you expect from a hotel.

Sabiha Gokcen meets all the needs of passengers with lockers designed for sleeping, showers, toilets, luggage, and belongings. There is a TV in the Sabiha Gokcen sleep unit. The TV is connected to the internet and provides services such as YouTube and Netflix. Internet usage can provide traces without interruption.

There are ergonomic beds that will make you feel at home. The comfort of the beds will prepare you for a good journey. There is a table that can meet your desk needs. No matter what brand your phone is, it does not let you down with its charging unit with sockets that can charge all phones used in the world.

They know very well the importance of comfortable rest in waiting intervals of air travel. To ensure the sleep in your home, the pillows in the cabin provide a comfortable sleep. Apart from all these, it has many facilities such as speakers and tablet PCs in the cabin. You can request all your requests and needs from the reception via the tablet in the Sabiha Gokcen sleep cabin.

The resting units are designed for one person. There are separate units for male passengers and separate units for female passengers. There is one room for families who want to stay together.

Resting cabins are cleaned in detail after each guest. Cleaning is kept at the maximum level. The sensitivity shown to this issue is one of the criteria that guests attach importance to.

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