How To Get Your Business To Convert More Customers

From B2B businesses to e-commerce stores, countless businesses struggle to convert new customers and generate the sales they need to survive. Whether you’re unhappy with the number of leads you’re getting or struggling with a high cart abandonment rate, here’s how to fix the leaks in your conversion funnel so you can convert people casually browsing the Internet into loyal, paying customers.

Offer an outstanding customer experience.

Your company’s customer experience sets you apart from the competition and shows customers exactly why they should buy your products. To offer a standout customer experience, you’ll need to adjust your communication channels to match your customer expectations and preferences.

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If you’re not offering multiple communication channels yet, you’re doing a disservice to your business and your customers. According to a 2020 survey, 85 percent of smartphone users prefer communicating with businesses through SMS messages. Meanwhile, more than half of consumers flat-out ignore marketing emails. In addition, the majority of consumers ignore calls from unknown phone numbers.

By offering omnichannel communication with cloud contact center software, you can communicate with your customers on their preferred channel—whether that’s SMS texting, phone calls, or live chat. This way, you won’t have to worry about playing phone tag or sending emails that won’t be read.

Use video content to your advantage.

Content creation is integral to boosting conversions—and video content is one of the best tools for the job. It’s no secret that videos have become the most popular choice for content consumption in today’s digital world: they’re engaging, informative, and shareable. In 2020, an incredible 96 percent of consumers increased their online video consumption, and 90 percent of viewers said they want to see more videos from brands.

Whether you’re posting videos on Facebook, your company website, or Instagram, video content is a great way to captivate your target audience and answer any questions they have about your business. You might create a company introduction video, a video answering common customer questions, or a product explanation video. Regardless of the type of video, video content is ideal for generating brand awareness, which is the first step of your conversion funnel.

Video content can make all the difference for your business, but you’re going to need professional videos to stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have the time to craft professional business videos for your social media pages and company website, consider hiring an experienced video company to fuel your conversion rates.

Fine-tune your conversion funnel.

If you’re still not getting the results you want, consider using A/B testing to perfect your conversion funnel. A/B testing, also known as split testing, involves running experiments where two or more variables are shown to different website visitors.

By changing a minor element on your website—such as the CTA on your landing pages or the placement of your “contact us” button—you can make the maximum impact on your conversion rate. When you change a single headline, button, or page design with A/B testing, half of your traffic will see the original version of the page (the control), while the other half will see the modified version (the variation).

Essentially, A/B testing takes the guesswork out of website optimization. You can further use A/B testing data for actionable insights into your visitors’ behavior, pain points, and even satisfaction with your website features. By measuring the impact that simple changes have on your business metrics, you can make sure that every change has positive results.

Building a strong conversion funnel takes time, and you’re not going to see results overnight. Instead, devoting the time and effort to optimizing your conversion funnel can enhance your sales, helping you build a loyal base of repeat customers.