Difference Between Managed And Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

Everyone from every other domain is influenced by website development and web hosting. Developing a website has become the need of time where all the businesses are ready to go global through web hosting.

Web hosting has the power of growing your business 100 times more extensively than it was previously. Cutting down the geographical and other limitations, web hosting has proved to be a blessing for people from almost every domain.

People belonging to educational, health-care, finance, e-commerce, etc. domain are looking forward to developing their websites and hosting sites on the internet to go global.

The various advantages of web hosting services are:

No Demographic Barriers: Hosting your business enables you to take your business online. There are no demographic barriers for who will surf your website and when. You can reach out to customers efficiently.

Your website representing your business is available 24*7 to your customers through the domain name. It is the name given to your website to locate your website on the server.

Domain name: It is the name given to your website to locate your website on the server.

24*7 Business Availability: While you host your website, it is available 24*7 to your clients. Anyone from around the globe can go through your website and make a purchase, post a review, etc.

Cost-Efficient: Online businesses are also cost-effective as it cuts down the cost of all mediators, administrators, etc.

Products Embedded Images on the Website: You can put the images of the products you are selling for the customers to understand the quality of your products. The visual image will make customers understand your good will.

Increases the sale: Your creative website is certainly going to increase the sale of your business by attracting more consumers. Also, the online payment portal is making it easy for the customers to buy goods online and the business owners to make more profit.

Improved user Engagement: Unlike brick and mortar system where the customers had to visit the shop physically, the online business is improving user engagement. The details about the goods and services are flashed on the screen of portable deceives increasing the user engagement.

Streamlining the brand: Your brand name is reaching maximum audience over the internet giving your business easy and smooth way for growth.

After knowing many benefits of web development and web hosting, it is quite obvious to know about the easiest way of developing a website and hosting it.

Hiring a web developer, giving requirements to him, and regularly checking if the work is done or not may consume a lot of time. Also, the availability of web developers matters, and apart from everything, it is costly.

The easiest way to develop a website is using CMS. CMS stands for content management systems that manage data editing, storage, publishing, modification, etc. in a simplified way.

The multiple CMSs available in the market are Drupal, WordPress, eZ Platform, Exponent CMS, Magento, etc.

The CMS dashboard enables the users to create a website with fewer efforts and no technical knowledge. From all the CMSs available in the market, WordPress is the best one used by more than 40% of total CMS users.

About WordPress

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform used for developing websites and managing content. WordPress is famous for its customizable themes and plugins. It provides more than 50,000 plugins for different kinds of websites. You can create a blogger’s site, e-commerce site, magazine site, portfolio, business site, etc. using WordPress plugins and themes.

Working of WordPress

WordPress works in two versions the one is WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is the basic version that enables users to launch a website on the WordPress servers. It is preferred by non-technical users as it provides managed hosting facilities.

The WordPress.org enables the users to develop the website and host it according to their convenience. WordPress.org basically provides an unmanaged WordPress hosting facility. The developer/ user can host the website from any web hosting service provider.

Managed WordPress Hosting

In managed WordPress hosting, the control panel of the website is managed by the hosting service provider. The service provider manages the automatic back-up, database, security, bandwidth, and overall working of your website. All you need to take care of is the content of the website and your growing business.

Managed WordPress hosting is advantageous because you get timely technical support from the expertise from where you host the website.

There are many web hosting companies providing optimized WordPress facilities. One of the best Indian companies is MilesWebproviding the best managed WordPress web hosting plan at a cheaper rate.

Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

Unmanaged WordPress hosting, in simple words is DIY. You being the site owner, have the responsibility of managing, maintaining, and setting up the server resources. The software updates, installation, security concerns, performance are all dealt with by you.


It is always beneficial to go with managed WordPress hosting as you get a variety of services that reduces the overheads of server management. Though the cost of managed WordPress hosting is more, it is suitable to reduce the later burdens.

It is easier to decide about opting for managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting if you are crystal clear about your thoughts of investing in technical inclinations or capital.

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